Ida was inspired by her parents as a child. She grew up surrounded by her mothers affection for cosmetics and her attentive fashionable appearance  as well as her fathers mastery of neatness and individualism. The combination of their qualities resonated in all of her pursuits, especially makeup artistry. Ida always wanted to be “surrounded by beauty” and “to be able to help people”. Her path to makeup artistry was illuminated and part of her DNA. Her mother always said, “if you’re feeling down put a little lipstick on, it’ll make you feel better.” These words became her motivation .

Ida M. Slaughter has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. Her background includes global artistry brands that possess reputable cosmetic modernity. Ida creates diversified looks on a daily basis on all skin tones. Idas mission is to share her passion and commitment for excellence with every client.